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Why do I need a garden designer?
Written By Bruce Williams
July 2022
The importance of having a garden design as part of the process
Everyone thinks they are a designer. The truth is everyone can participate in design, we all manipulate our own environments to serve our specific needs, we plan and arrange our homes and our lives, this is in essence a form of designing.
It is tempting to design your dream garden yourself without using a garden design professional, but this may prove costly and more trouble than it is worth. Put it this way, would you design and build a new dream home without consulting an architect?

I suspect the majority would answer no as not many have the knowledge, expertise and the experience to undertake such a large and costly project. Same goes for designing a dream garden. A qualified garden design professional can create your dream ensuring the design will fit the brief, be cost effective and connect seamlessly with your property and the surrounding environment.

A landscaping project could be one of the most significant investments of your life. Knowing you are investing wisely is crucial for a successful outcome.
So perhaps the question should be rephrased to the following statement: ‘Why I should use a garden designer’
A professional garden designer can inspire you with great ideas for your garden, help you visualise the design, make the best use of every part of the outdoor spaces, work within the limitations of the site, work to a budget and have the knowledge and expertise to choose materials and plants that suit the environment.

When hiring a garden designer you are getting a qualified professional who offers experience, expertise and ideas. Designing and landscaping a garden takes time, hard work and a lot of planning. A garden designer can help you achieve the garden you desire and prevent any accompanying stress. They will project manage from the start and consult with you along the way to ensure your needs are met.

A well planned and attractive garden will not only visually enhance your home and extend your living space, it will add value to your property and create enjoyment in the short and long term.

At bcwlandscape design we work together with our clients to form a partnership to achieve outstanding garden designs. Creating beautiful and functional landscapes requires teamwork where all parties are on the same page to achieve the desired outcome.

The initial on-site consultation is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other. By spending time with the client in their garden gives an insight into how they intend to utilise their outdoor space, to understand their key design objectives and the extent of their budget. We aim to use our creative flair, knowledge of plants, materials and construction concepts to produce a cohesive proposal based on your ideas and visions for your garden. From brief to concept and design, to planning, implementation to maintenance; we will work with you to build the garden that you connect with.

bcwlandscape design offers a wide range of services from simple planting advice, outdoor styling advice, small balcony or courtyard designs, right through to major garden design make-overs.