Designing gardens home owners can be proud of
A timeless approach to helping Australian home owners design their dream garden.
Are you struggling with the following garden issues...
  • A dysfunctional garden, not connected to your home?
  • You have a garden you are not proud of?
  • A garden not fit to entertain friends and family?
  • You want to increase the value of your property?
  • You have a blank canvas and have no idea where to start?
This is where I can help
I will work in partnership with you, to solve your garden problems.
Professional Advice
With 30+ years of design and excellent customer service in the graphic design industry, I am well qualified and dedicated to working closely with clients to create tranquil al fresco spaces within budget that can be lived in.
Design Challenges
I will work in partnership with you to achieve your dream garden, by listening to your needs and requirements and incorporating these into a design that will blend seemlessly into the landscape.
Project Success
I help homeowners achieve tranquil, liveable, zen landscapes that seamlessly integrate into the existing architecture, with creative, cost effective designs that are functional and aesthetic.
What my clients have to say
How we can work together
Let's create a garden your neighbours will be jealous of.
Schedule a call
Arrange a time to book in an on-site consultation to discuss potential landscape and garden design options.
On-site visit
This meeting provides the opportunity to discuss the Client Questionnaire on site. This is an important opportunity to survey boundaries, house dimensions, trees, services and level changes. Following the consultation, we will provide you with a quote for the completed design project.
Design your dream garden
Using the information gathered from the consultation and the questionnaire I will create your design proposal which will consist of a concept plan drawing with suggested outdoor rooms and how they are to be used and a mood board and a written description of the new garden design.
Who Am I?
With over 30+ years in the advertising and graphic design industry, and with the recent completion of The Postgraduate Certificate of Garden Design, with Distinction, at the Australian Academy Of Garden Design - you are in safe hands with me guiding you along the journey of designing your dream garden.

My aim is to help you with your garden

My aim is to design tranquil, liveable zen landscapes that seamlessly integrate into the existing architecture. To design sustainable, manageable, ecologically designed gardens utilising recycled materials where practical, water saving techniques and suitable planting. To fulfil clients needs with creative cost effective designs that are functional and aesthetically dramatic. To work closely with landscape construction professionals to create uniquely designed environments that enhance outdoor living spaces.

From brief to concept and design, to planning, implementation to maintenance; I will work with you to build the garden that works for you.

A graduate of the Australian Academy of Garden Design